Real Estate Law

Our offices and its attorneys diligently and professionally handle a broad range of legal matters related to real estate, including sales, property purchases directly from contractors or others; purchases made through buying groups; close legal oversight of construction projects under National Outline Plan 38; representation of developers and landowners throughout all stages of the transaction; buying groups; liquidation of cooperative agreements, and rental agreements.

Our firm has also a wealth of experience in gifts and conveyance for no consideration; disposal of real estate property after divorce; bequests; legal services related to the registration of cooperative buildings; real estate contracts and agreements; and real estate litigation, including evictions, claims for damages, construction defects, contract enforcement, etc.

Our firm specializes in all types of real estate taxation issues. Taxation has always been an important element in any real estate transaction, but recent legislation has made tax issues more complex than ever.

In recent years our firm has been involved in some of the country’s major residential and commercial construction projects in Tel Aviv.

The firm also specializes in planning and construction laws and has achieved excellent results on appeals filed with the Ministry of Interior District Planning and Building Committee.

The firm is responsible for several precedents such as the precedents in Anglo Saxon vs. Pasternak and State of Israel vs. Maccabi Healthcare Services.


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Attorney David Soffer and his staff will provide you with professional services to help you achieve the optimal legal result for you.

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