Mediation and Arbitration

David Soffer Law Offices have extensive experience in mediation and arbitration of disputes related to real estate and other civil matters.

Attorney David Soffer is a licensed mediator with extensive experience in efforts to resolve disputes through mediation and arbitration, and has served as mediator and arbitrator on several major disputes related to real estate law and financial disputes.

Mediation is a voluntary alternative method of dispute resolution that takes place outside court, where a neutral third party helps the disputants — who have rivaling interests — to negotiate freely and reach an understanding that is acceptable to all parties. A mediator does not have the authority to impose a decision on the parties. Mediation proceeds through direct discussions between the mediator and the parties, avoiding the bureaucracy that court proceedings entail, as well as the high costs and time that trials require. All the information, documents, and exhibits presented during the mediation process are confidential and cannot be presented as evidence in court. During mediation, the parties may consult with their attorneys.

Selecting a mediator or arbitrator is a decision that has far-reaching consequences for the resolution of the dispute. Attorney David Soffer has a wealth of experience in this field, and is uniquely skilled in bringing parties to an agreed understanding, helping them avoid protracted costly litigation.

The benefits of mediation:

•           This is a voluntary process that both parties must agree to enter.

•           The mediator is a neutral third party and gives the parties no legal advice.

•           The mediator is not authorized to force a resolution of the dispute. His responsibility is to assist the parties reach an understanding.

•           The information and documents that are disclosed during mediation are confidential and cannot be entered into evidence in a court trial.

•           Mediation is much more cost effective compared to a court trial.

•           Mediation is a much faster process than litigation.

•           The procedure itself is flexible and informal, with no need to follow rules of procedure. Meetings are scheduled by the parties.

•           The final agreement is the outcome of the parties’ understandings.

•           The final mediation agreement is binding and can be filed with the court to obtain the same finality as a court decision.

•           At any stage in the mediation process, parties may refer their dispute to the court.


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