Financial Claims, Civil Law, Commercial Litigation

Our firm represents individual and corporate litigants in various courts and before public and governmental institutions including appellate committees. Our attorneys provide legal opinions to corporate and individual clients and represent them in negotiations. The firm has extensive experience in capital market law and in forming companies and non-profit organizations.

The firm has depth and scope of experience in financial litigation involving private individuals and corporations. The firm has a long tradition and history of success in the various courts, and has represented Israel’s major banks in financial lawsuits and receivership proceedings.

This practice area includes several practice sub-areas of transactional law. The firm specializes in providing legal solutions and opinions; representation in financial lawsuits; drafting, analysis and negotiation of commercial contracts; and contract enforcement proceedings in court.

Commercial law is a dynamic, diverse field in which circumstances and the law change frequently. There is no magical formula that is applicable to all lawsuits or cases of legal guidance. A business firm that seeks commercial legal representation needs a dynamic firm with attorneys who have the flexibility to adapt to different types of cases and businesses. Our successfully assists companies with legal matters, providing ongoing legal advice pertaining to the host of management and legal issues that arise on a daily basis in every business firm.    


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Attorney David Soffer and his staff will provide you with professional services to help you achieve the optimal legal result for you.

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