Corporate and Business Law

Our firm provides legal counseling and legal opinions to numerous corporations, dealing with matters such as the rights and obligations of corporations and corporate officers, voluntary liquidation, amendments to incorporation documents, and other matters.

Our firm assists clients in setting up companies and corporations, and provides legal representation in acquisitions, share purchases, acquisition of operations, and shareholder transactions.

We represent parties in hostile takeovers and shareholder disputes including matters involving minority shareholder protection, shareholder derivative suits and their defense, piercing the corporate veil, and liquidation motions.

The firm provides legal opinions on matters pertaining to corporate law, and assistance in meeting reporting requirements of the Registrar of Companies. Our services include corporate support services (secretariat services), and specializes in a broad range of options and solutions for business, and has assisted in making connections between investors and developers. The firm has frequently represented foreign residents in real estate transactions and other commercial transactions.


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Attorney David Soffer and his staff will provide you with professional services to help you achieve the optimal legal result for you.

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Our offices are located a short distance of the Azrieli Business Center and government ministry offices in Tel Aviv.