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Attorney David Soffer organizes and conducts in-service training in the field of real estate and taxation for attorneys and legalists in numerous forums. Attorney Soffer is a member of the New York State Bar, and represents Israel in the international organization of attorneys LAW. His widespread ties have helped create a network of legal and business collaborations that span the globe.

Attorney David Soffer is also the Co-Chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations with the New York State Bar Association.

David Soffer Law Offices has represented Israel’s major banking corporations for many years, including Discount Bank, Hapoalim Bank, Bank Leumi, First International Bank of Israel, and Igud Bank. The firm is proud of its many successes in lawsuits and proceedings initiated on the behalf of these clients. The firm is also ranked as a significant debt collector for these banks, based on the firm’s success in monetary claims and the efficient operations of its court execution department.

David Soffer Law Offices provide boutique services to attorneys and mediators. The firm provides comprehensive legal support for real estate transactions to a wide spectrum of individual and corporate clients from Israel and overseas.

The office provides complex, professional legal counseling services, applying a practical and dynamic approach to the law. Attorney David Soffer and the staff are well known for their creativity in successfully surmounting legal challenges.

The office staff takes pride in its conscientiousness and diligence, offering its clients expert legel services at the highest standard. 

The office serves individual clients from Israel and overseas, major Israeli banks, Kupot Holim (HMOs), real estate companies, ana non-profit organizations.


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Attorney David Soffer and his staff will provide you with professional services to help you achieve the optimal legal result for you.

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Our offices are located a short distance of the Azrieli Business Center and government ministry offices in Tel Aviv.